Producing an All-Star Sales Team

Efficiency is doing better what is already being done. Effectiveness is deciding what to do better. – Peter F. Drucker.

It’s no secret that high-performing sales come from a strong team. A one-man show would seldom pull of enough sales to sustain steady growth. After all, no man is an island.

Training your team to excellence is especially important when you are selling a costly product, which becomes a bigger challenge to convince your customers that it’s worth the value.

However, the capability to afford a sales team is at stake. This is because you have to push your team to bring in revenue enough to cover for their employment, and ideally, being in additional profit and customers.

So, the question lies in how you design an all-star team. Highly effective sales managers have a set of characteristics in common to help their teams achieve sky-rocketing sales.

Sales Manager: What are some best practices that help sales managers make their teams successful?

Here are some questions for you:

  1. Which talents can you target for building your team?

    Tip: High incentives attract the best talents; they will help you save loads of time and bring in more sales in the long run. Moreover, there is lesser risk of failing if you start out with a good team instead of having to train them from scratch.

  2. How do you create consistency?

    Tip: A sales team thrives when all the components of the sales and management process follow regular standards and schedules. Ideally, efficient sales managers should track the team’s performances and provide them constructive feedbacks.

  3. What is your practice of coaching?

    Tip: There should be a high priority on coaching because this builds confidence and drive production for the team. Coaching is not limited to group meetings; it can be done personally by providing advices or feedbacks that reflects the member’s performances.

  4. Are you giving your team enough time?

    Tip: Making effort to build rapport and foster friendship with customers takes quality time. Prominent sales managers should enable their sales teams to manage their own time by deciding on their priorities and eliminating demands that won’t directly help drive revenue.

  5. Do you celebrate achievements?

    Tip: The best way to dispel some of the pressure is to reward achievements, regardless big or small, as often as possible. Creating such optimistic atmosphere boosts everyone’s energy level. A little celebration creates motivation and that goes a long way.

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