Using Silence to Increase Power and Grow in Leadership

1. What can you do to build trust? (to build trust, you must listen. Use silence to learn about the other person. Eventually when you listen, they will listen to you)

2. What can you do to emphasize a point? (use too many words, the point you want to make can get lost. Silence or fewer words allows you to be heard when it matters)

3. What can you do to negotiate? (the discomfort of the silence in negotiating will make the other person want to fill the void and start talking. Let them reveal information that helps you to have the upper hand moving forward in the conversation)

4. What can you do to empower others? (when you empower you rarely tell people what to do. they provide others the opportunity to identify the roadmap for achieving the goals they set out to achieve)

5. What do you do to get the answer?  (the sooner you become silent, after you ask a question, the quicker you will get your answer)

6. What do you do to centre yourself? (hold a moment of silence when you wake up in the morning. Practice silence before your work, meeting and conversation with others. This provides you more energy and power)


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