Creating a Culture of Talent Development for Your Team and Organization

1.     What makes you act as a role model?  (be transparent about your own need to learn and develop and share how you’re able to do it. embrace vulnerability: leaders are never more powerful than when they are shown to be learning)

2.     What makes you reinforce the value of learning? (go beyond the baseline conversation about goals. ask about what they want to accomplish and what they feel their gaps are. when someone completes an assignment, celebrate both the outcome and the learning, especially if the assignment wasn’t completed as smoothly as everyone would’ve liked.

3.     What makes you build sustainable processes to support development? (managers should be expected to coach and develop their people. at a minimum, everyone knows what areas they need to improve, and for those with particularly high potential, career tracks are developed that give them a sense of where they can go inside the organization.

4.     What do you do to reinforce shared values? (every team member should be able to link their everyday tasks and responsibilities to the values in the organization. people need to understand why what they do is important)

5.     What do you do to leverage problems as opportunities for real world learning and development? (by incorporating stretch assignments, team members can seek out challenges where they can develop without feeling like mistakes will set them back in their career or jeopardize their job. learning organizations see problems as opportunities


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