Providing Clarity for Confused Buyers

God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of opposites so that you will have two wings to fly, not one – Rumi.

It can be very unsettling for customers when they are not clear with what they are putting their money on. Lack of clarity and missing information would leave them uncertain about that is catered to them.

Other times, customers are overwhelmed by information, causing them to procrastinate decision making because it is just “too hard to choose”. Service such as insurance plans, telecommunication providers and bank loans come in multiple packages.

Customers require the guidance of the sales person to make a purchase that is most worth the value. Therefore, it is important that the sales person work at best to keep them informed and aware of their choices. Confused sales prospects do not buy.

Sales professional: What are the ways to avoid confusion?

Here are some questions for you to figure out:

  1. Do you keep good records?

    Tip: Keeping records will allow you to know whether or not you have spoken with a prospect, the content of your discussion, and what your next step is.

  2. What are promises to you?

    Tip: Keeping to promises is key to gain credibility from your clients. If you promise anything to a prospect, fulfill it.

  3. How do you lead?

    Tip: Always lead your prospects to the value of your products and services. Customers want to know what their money is in for; and it’s your job to tell them. They will not guess, read your mind or figure it out on their own.

  4. How to be crystal clear?

    Tip: You are the expert in what you do. You know your product, your service and/or your offering like the back of your hand. Make your message so clear that even a child would understand the value.

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