Strategies to Move Beyond Limits

1.     What can you do be challenged by someone? (having someone always on our side can keep us out of every negative thinking we might have. This can help us accomplish more and push beyond limits to do the things that exist beyond our comfort zone)

2.     What can you do to embrace challenges? (we won’t grow only by staying contented and stagnated. So, what is required of us is to be enthusiastic when embracing big challenges that will get us closer to our dreams)

3.     What can we do to avoid distractions? (our minds instinctively protect us. It is therefore pertinent that we guard ourselves from unnecessary distractions that could sway us from achieving our goals in life)

4.     What can you do to build confidence? (set goals and take action on them. Find something that inspires you to reach your goals.  Visualize this every single day and/or when you get up. This will inspire you to go out of your comfort zone, push beyond limits and achieve your goals)


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