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Program Vision and Goals

There is an increasing need to elevate the mindset and sharpen skill levels of the salespeople in today's environment where products, services, and customer relationships are growing more complex.

Besides ensuring your team engages with clients on an ongoing basis, sales managers play a critical role as a team leader by implementing learned skills and monitoring the team’s performance gap at all times.

Statistics show Sales Coaching as the most important developmental initiative a sales manager can take to amplify organizational sales performance. The program will focus on developing and equipping the participant to become a Certified Sales Coach in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies.

Who is this Program for?

Sales Managers or Leaders at any level

Business Owners who are interested in leading sales

Coaches or Trainers interested in acquiring sales skills

Admin Executives who assists salespeople or sales leaders

Individuals, Executives, and Leaders who start or will start careers in sale leadership and sales management

Course Structure, Learning Objectives, and Hours

 Contact Hours


 Reflective Practice


 Coaching Practicum &   Supervised Coaching




 Mentor Coaching

  • Preliminary Module

      10 hours      1 hour

    Understanding ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics

  • csc1 1
    Module 1: Activating Sales Coach Mindsets

      15 hours      4 hours      3 hours

    Developing the core mindsets of a sales coach to excel in sales leadership

    Implementing the key behaviors traits that will maximize the sales performance of teams

    Introducing the 4D Coaching model to establish the process of coaching conversation

  • csc2 1
    Module 2: Enhancing Sales Coach as an Effective Communicator

      15 hours      4 hours      3 hours

    Introducing the foundations of neuroscience in achieving effective conversations with the sales force

    Illustrating the paradoxical traits in communication and harnessing EQ Skills to influence sales teams

    Infusing the 4D Model with essentials behaviors to strengthen the coaching conversation

  • csc3 1
    Module 3: Developing High Performance Sales Teams

      15 hours      4 hours      3 hours      5 hours 

    Understanding the core principles of performance coaching to enable sales force reach their full potential

    Instilling the Theory of Inner Game to facilitate the ongoing challenges that interfere with salespeople

    Using real time case scenarios to experience 4D coaching conversations as an observer, coach and coachee

  • csc4 1
    Module 4: Championing Development Culture for Sales Success

      15 hours      4 hours      3 hours     5 hours

    Recognizing the importance of sales metrics & implementing a tracking system for the success of coaching results

    Cultivating the best practices, tools & models that successful companies with sales coaching culture adopt

    Designing a clear framework to map the journey of each sales person with a development action plan, and a coaching strategy to facilitate their progress in a digital economy

  • Total: 70 Contact Hours

    Total: 17 hours Reflective Practice

    Total: 12 hours Coaching Practicum & Supervised Coaching

     Total 10 hours of Mentor Coaching

"Sales Managers play a critical role as a team leader by implementing learned skills and monitoring the team’s performance gap at all times."

Coaching Approach

Our Coaching Philosophy is deep rooted in helping our participants understand their being first, and then moving them from knowing to doing. For this we have developed the 3P methodology which is Purpose, Process and Practice.


Instilling the Purpose


Activating the Process


Leading into Practice

With our work with coaching salespeople in the last 15 years, we recognize their challenges: mental blocks, perceptions and lack of know-how in sales leadership team development and engagement.

We identified common themes and patterns to building their awareness and resolve their challenges using coaching approach.

With our background and expertise as sales leaders for more than a decade, we recognize the approach to empower them and developed a coaching model which is time tested and have seen significant results.

4d coaching model
The 4D Sales Coaching Model


Lead Instructor


Rajiv Mathews George

Strategic Sales Leadership Coach
Reflective Partner & Leadership Development Practioner
Supervisor & Mentor Coach

Rajiv’s sales experience started as a rookie salesperson in the United States and eventually achieving his leadership excellence as a General Manager and senior-level Vice President. He started with a polymer manufacturing operation in California and in Iowa, and later servicing in a Mergers and Acquisitions group in Chicago.

In the year 2000, he moved to Kuala Lumpur to manage a million dollar turnover carpet-broadloom business group in their Asia-Pacific operation. In 2005 he established in own coaching practice to focus in leadership development. He specializes in Sales Leadership Development and Sales Performance Improvement.

2024 Schedule And Program Delivery Structure

Intake 1

ModulePreliminaryModule 1Module 2Module 3Module 4
Week of Feb 20, 2024
Week 1MarchAprilMayJune
Week 2MarchAprilMayJune
Week 3MarchAprilMayJune
Week 4Mentor CoachingMentor Coaching

Intake 2

ModulePreliminaryModule 1Module 2Module 3Module 4
Week 1AugustSeptemberOctoberNovember
Week 2AugustSeptemberOctoberNovember
Week 3AugustSeptemberOctoberNovember
Week 4Mentor CoachingMentor Coaching

Date for each week in the month to be advised

• Language of delivery: English
• Class size: 6-10 participants

Performance Evaluation: Participants are required to submit audio recording and transcript of 1 coaching session within 2 months, upon completion of Module 4.

Registration Process

  • Enrolment

    1. After program registration is completed, the applicant is required a complete pre-assessment form on their personal & corporate background, their expected outcomes from the program and challenges in their current capacity.
    2. They also need to share 2 case situations they have faced that was difficult to handle in reference to sales management.

  • Interview

    1. The applicant is required to attend an interview session to set expectations before starting the program and answer any questions that required clarity

  • Preliminary Module

    1. The participant is required to attend the following topics before the coach training program commence. This will last in 1 days or 3 online sessions of 2.5 hours each. The topics are
      • ICF Code of Ethics
      • The ICF Core Competencies

Your Investment

 For investment details, please contact us.

Payment Terms

  • Payment in full; or option of
  • 50% payment upon Registration, 50% upon completion of Module 2.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • 100% refund of payment made if cancellation is made 2 weeks before course commences.
  • 90% refund if cancellation is made 1 week before course commences.
  • No refunds once course has commenced.

What Our Participants Say


I most enjoyed the Module 2 on Enhancing Sales Coach as an Effective Communicator. The area I found very useful was in how to focus on what the coachee is saying to fully understand what is being communicated and to support their self-expression.

I found Module 3 on Building High Performance Sales Team beneficial. I found the live coaching sessions daunting but the practice sessions were truly very good learning experiences. I also found the practice of doing and submitting R2A2 beneficial as it required me to reflect on the learnings and be accountable/commit to an action.

Module 1 on Activating Sales Coach Mindset was also beneficial because the content on creating agreements with the coachee about the coaching relationship, process, plan and goals is so important.

The 4D model was especially useful in helping me to understand the coaching process better.

—Evelyn Nabila,
Head of Agency Engagement


I become more understanding about my team members, knowing their self-limiting beliefs. I will ask instead of tell, focus on the process instead of results. I become more present, listen actively and how to ask good questions through reframing, paraphrasing and redirecting.

I can communicate more effectively by knowing their personality and communication style. I hold them accountable for their own action and set milestones that they want to achieve.

—Catherine Khoo, CFP
Licensed Financial Planner, Principal Asset Management Bhd
HRDF accredited trainer


I enjoyed the ‘Sales Coach Mindset’ very much as it provides a foundation to help me organize coaching techniques to assist in the growth of my team performance.

The 4D Sales Model is another area that I enjoyed very much as it is so much more different and effective as compared to the GROW model which I am so used too. This model is easy and friendly.

Building a Sales Coaching culture is another area that I enjoyed as it was useful for me to understand the coaching culture as I am gradually switching my role as Sales Manager to that as a Sales Coach. I have already started my coaching sessions; I am having fun and feel satisfied as I see a potential growth in the performance of my team.

The managing style of my group has changed from telling people what to do to that of engaging with my team members and listening to them with intent. I wish to build on this over the coming years in order to achieve my goals. I have and will recommend this program as it is simple to follow and its hands on with what a Sales Manager does in his daily duty as a manager.

I have started seeing some changes taking place in myself as my style of handling the group has changed and I am seeing some positive growth in my performance both in sales and in Recruiting.

The facilitator is good and is always well prepared with the topics of the day. He goes beyond of what he promised to do by providing good feedbacks and information to further help us in the business of coaching.

—Haridas Kandasamy,
Group Agency Manager, Great Eastern


The 4D model on coaching gives a structured way to practice my coaching skills.

I experienced an increase in productivity after my 1st practice with my 1st candidate. After 2 months of coaching with the candidate - which is when I kick-started practices from the 3rd module of the class - she achieved a breakthrough in her advisory skills and managed to close 5 advisory cases and achieve RM30k gross income in the month of October, which is the highest for her so far. This was due to good questioning skills which led to good realizations with the candidate.

I would encourage you to explore yourself on this program.

With these coaching skills, I believe I can help the company to grow their financial planners by unlocking their self-limiting beliefs and increasing self awareness of their potential through personal coaching, which will maximise the resources that we have. Ultimately, this can help to increase the productivity and revenue for the company and develop more quality financial planners.

The facilitators for this program were all well prepared. What I love the most is their passion toward building up more quality coaches. They have been very helpful in transferring their real experiences of coaching to us with passion and with patience.

—Samantha Yeoh Yen Lin, CFP
Licensed Financial Planner
Wealth Vantage Advisory Sdn. Bhd.

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