Gaining More Leadership Experience to Step Ahead

1. What can you do to take the lead on a project? (Your boss will see that you’re willing to lead, and when you do the project well, they’ll also see that you’re capable)

2. What can you do to volunteer in a leadership role? (volunteer work helps you build essential leadership skills like communication, advocating for others, time management, and financial savvy) 

3. What can you do to take a professional development class? (employers value leaders who are always learning.)

4. What can you do to start something? (sometimes, “becoming a leader” just means leading! Start a project, event like charity drive etc. you’ll learn lessons about leadership and demonstrate your drive to your employer)

5. What can you do to consider a job change? (even the best professionals may find themselves in a company where leadership opportunities are scarce and the chance to climb the corporate ladder seems non-existent)


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