Manage Your Energy to Boost Performance Levels

Energy flows where attention goes.

Energy comes in two basic forms, potential and kinetic – this theory is no longer bounded to only physics, considering that it can be applied to just about everything else.

In the case of work performances, you, yourself, are the energy generator. Potential energy – known as stored energy – refers to your mindset; kinetic energy – known as movement – refers to your physical condition.

This synergy between mental and physical state is key to efficiency in working. It affects you to be more optimistic, productive and most importantly, happy throughout the day.

Therefore, managing your energy daily would boost you to perform at optimal levels.

Sales professional: What are the strategies to keep yourself sharp and avoid burnout in your day?

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself:

1) What do you do to get off your butt?
Tip: It’s a fact that your body and mind craves movement. There’s no harm wandering around your office, stretch somewhere or walk the stairs. It’s best to allocate exercise time at least three times a week for an hour.

2) What is something you can do for fun?
Tip: Everybody needs to have fun, not matter at what age. Take a 15-minutes break to play some games on your phone, or give a friend a call. But, be sure to return to the task at hand. Having this little spike keeps you refreshed. You will assimilate new information faster and will be able to rapidly improve your skills.

3) Do you get enough sleep?
Tip: Sleep deprivation is huge red flag not only to your work performance, but also your health. The optimum amount of sleep is eight hours. If you have a home office, considering taking a midday nap as it has been proven to improve productivity.

4) What can you do to detach from devices?
Tip: Those notifications popping up from your phone can make your day relentless and tired. Shut down from your life lines during breaks, evenings and weekends; it will give you a real breather and renew your energy. Acknowledge that break time is fully meant for you, and that you should be spending quality time doing the things you love.

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