Recruiting Talent is Critical to Business Success

We become what we repeatedly do. – Sean Covey

Employees are the means of production in the company. They should have the goal to bring the best to the company in any economic climate.

In this highly competitive market, hiring the best talents is becoming a combat itself. Company would go all out to attract and recruit the best talents by offering the best employees welfare. For example, Google provides not only free, about organic meals and snacks to their workers. They also offer gymnasium facilities and children-day care services.

Any great companies would know that hiring exceptional talents is critical to business success. Employers want to see people giving their best and won’t settle for less than 100%.

Finding and retaining talent is a priority to most companies; the top talents are always in demand.

Sales professional: How do you recruit and retain talented sales people?

Here are some questions for you to figure out:

  1. How do you recruit people on an ongoing basis?

    Tip: You should develop a system for it by build a website to promote the company’s culture and rewards, as well as explain criteria of staffs being sought. Also, create a profile of the current high achievers so that visitors can have a vision on what they are expected to achieve.

  2. What incentives do you offer to your current employees?

    Tip: Rewards are great motivator. Develop an incentive program for current staff members to target to be the next sales stars. Your current workers are often the best ones because they have adapted to the company’s culture. Keep them happy and they will stay longer to serve the company.

  3. Is your job description detailed enough?

    Tip: Not all sales position the same; they each require different skills set and characteristics. Be sure to draft out a detailed job description when hiring.

  4. Do you do sales assessments on potential candidates?

    Tip: Simply interviewing a person is not enough to discover his/her talent; make them walk the talk. During the interviewing process, consider giving applicants a test that can quantify his/her demonstration of the characteristics sought. Successful salespeople often share many of the same specific traits.

  5. How do you offer paid training?

    Tip: Consider providing commission-based jobs to amateurs, they can gradually work their way toward earning a livable salary. The training package should include a paid training period and, if possible, a generous base salary for the first six months or year. This is to keep them from stressing out about financial problems so that they can focus better on improving themselves.

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