Psyche Up for Your Sales Target

If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way; if you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

Mindset – the one thing that sets those who are successful and those who are not apart. The voices in your head that narrates your consciousness may actually navigate your to your goal; or on the flip side, obstruct your steps.

Once your mindset is on point, other factors like intelligence, creativity and appetite for risk come second to justify the results.

Mental preparation is a game-changer in achieving things in life. Make a habit to set your mind for the tasks lined up each day to keep track on your progression of your goals.

Sales Professional: What are the steps to get yourself psyched up for your target?

Here are some questions to leave you pondering over:

  1. Do you give yourself some quiet time in the morning?

    Tip: Mornings are the start to every day, and giving yourself some space at that time is an effective way to clear your thoughts and focus on what’s important. This helps you relax, refresh your inner resources and hone your creativity and concentration.

  2. Do you set what you what to achieve?

    Tip: Set your intentions for the day and decide the specific outcome you want. The more specific your prospect outcome is, the more motivated you are to work for the results.

  3. Do you know the purpose that you want to fulfill?

    Tip: Everything you set your mind on should have a bigger purpose. Think about how our product and services and help people.

  4. How do you set up your physical environment?

    Tip: A neat and tidy environment shows that you are organised. Keep everything at its place to avoid the havoc of losing stuffs.

  5. How do you mentally prepare yourself?

    Tip: Be ready to greet and attend to your potential clients. It helps to scribble down key points of what you want to say to your client before making a phone call. You should only focus on one-thing at time.

    *It has been proven that warm hands trick your brain into being calm. With this in mind, warm yourself up before getting on the phone by rubbing your hands together or turning up the thermostat.

  6. What can you do to reframe your mind?

    Tip: Negative thoughts could bring you down at any point of the day. The thought of being rejected from a prospect customer may cause you to feel reluctant to carry on. However, think of these calls as “appointment-setting time” instead of “cold-calling”.

  7. How do you manage your thoughts?

    Tip: Salespeople who talk to 20 prospects a day create momentum that truly launches them into a higher level of sales performance. The trick is to stay present and focused.

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